Our main focus is consulting in the fields of traffic and urban planning with a special focus on public transport, urban individual traffic and non-motorized traffic, as well as the design of roads and their surroundings. As a consequence of our work across specializations and countries we accumulated a lot of experience in working in interdisciplinary teams.

We develop, evaluate and plan traffic concepts and accompany their implementation. If desired we also help creating communication concepts.

A special focus of our work is the design and the different functions of public space, as this is where the urban life happens and therefore where the soul of a city can be found. The traffic-related functions are only a part of the whole. We think that it is our task to find solutions for the different, sometimes conflicting requirements for the public space and to create concepts for the optimization of the public transport.

A concern we were confronted with often in the past few years was the improvement of the coherence of different measures to assure the urbanistic qualities of the projects.

For us it goes without saying that modern planning tools, sometimes self-developed, are used so that the highest possible quality can be assured with up to date software (demand and distribution of individual and public traffic, microsimulation of traffic flows and pedestrians, microsimulation of rail services, 3D road- and railway-alignment, 3D trafficability-testing).

Ingenieurbüro für Verkehrsplanung IBV Hüsler AG Olgastrasse 4 8001 Zürich Tel 044 252 13 23