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Masterplan "Spatial Development Perspective"
Masterplan "Spatial Development Perspective"Pedestrian concept
Pedestrian concept Improved access to the trainstation of Wetzikon
Improved access to the trainstation of Wetzikon Implementation exempla of a bus stop
Implementation exempla of a bus stopVisualization of the possible transformation of the Bachtel roundabout
Visualization of the possible transformation of the Bachtel roundabout
Wetzikon, Spatial Development Perspective Client Community of Wetzikon
Year 2009-2010
Partner City of Wetzikon (City planner und building construktion manager), yellow z, Zürich, Schweingruber, Zulauf Landscape Architects, Zürich, IBV Hüsler AG, Zürich, Suter, von Känel, Wild AG, Zürich, Bernadette Breitenmoser Spatial Planning, Zürich

Wetzikon is dominated by urban and rural Municipal bodies, which are embedded in the hills and landscape of the Zurich Oberland. The municipal building structures and the natural landscape, which constitute an attractive place to live, have brought the community an above-average population growth. The many educational institutions, the multiple job offers, attractive sports and leisure facilities but also excellent access to the public transport declare Wetzikon to the center of the Zurich Oberland.


With the concept "Spatial Development Perspective" should it bee possible to make high quality, long-term spatial development of the city. Also the coordination and consultation of urban planing, landscape and traffic are the key issues in the foreground. Wetzikon, content keeps the "Spatial Development Perspective"  an appreciation of the residential and work location, combined with improvements in traffic circulation and public spaces.


The "Spatial Development Perspective" was adopted in June 2010 by the municipal council and is now binding for the administration of the city and will now serve as a conceptual basis for the subsequent stratacic and exploitation planning.

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