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General Masterplan-CET
General Masterplan-CETProject
Project's proposal of traffic calming and partial pedestrian area for the historic centerProject
Project's proposal in Via RomaProject
Project's proposal in Piazza Municipio
Salorno "Study of mobility in the country and in villages" Client Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Municipality of Salorno, IT
Year 2009
Partner CET Trento, IT

Within the larger project of the Urban Mobility Plan for the City of Salorno (about 3.400 inhabitants), the IBV has dealt mainly to propose possible solutions to the partial pedestrian and reassure the old town after the eventual creation of an outer ring.

A major problem was found to be the small road section for the entire stretch of Via Roma and Via Noldin.

The proposed solution is therefore that of a mixed-use type section without sidewalks, but with a floor that shows through the use of different materials, the different functions. The proposed speed along the whole stretch is 20 km/h, at least 30 km/h.

In the case of intersection with other road, the flooring is completely raised by 5-6 cm so as to force cars to a further slowdown.

For Piazza Municipio is proposed a reduction of the current track, with a consequent widening of the space available to pedestrians. Here too it is proposed to raise the entire square on one track and define the plateau with the diversification of materials and/or with using stone or metal bollards